I added a 20 minute healing visualization that is not intended to put you to sleep.

Here are free audio’s I have created using isochronic beats and binaural beat’s to help your brain get to the best frequency so you may get the most out of this audio.

 Below is a 20 minute version of the Healing meditation you can do during the day with the background music to relax but not put you to sleep. Enjoy!

The following healing visualization will help relax and guide you to heal your mind, body and spirit. The background noise will help you sleep. The guided visualization is 20 minutes long.

Sleep audio for an active mind (60 minutes). Click below to listen to a scientifically created Isochronic audio to help you naturally go into a relaxed theta level of your brain making it easier to get to sleep. This audio allow speakers or headphones for optimal performance. Both will work. Lie down, close your eyes and relax.
This sleep manual is not a audio, but if you are having trouble sleeping it will give you a variety of ideas to help you get more sleep. Take a look and click on sleep manual.

Below is a relaxing audio to help you stop poisoning yourself with resentments and to allow you to let go and Forgive.

Below is a self-esteem audio for woman. This audio will help change the voice of your negative  internal critic. This audio will help you feel better about how you look, feel and it will also help you attract (if not magnetize) people who will respect you, be kind to you and love you. It all starts with you and this audio. Begin and enjoy!

I will be adding more Audio’s including visualizations, and meditations in the future. Please book mark this page and come back from time to time.

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As a disclaimer you are using the above audio and future audio’s at you own risk. The provided audio and written information is not to replace professional counseling or medical help.

These audio’s are intended to relax you so please do not use these while driving or any other activity in which you have to be fully alert. It is best to listen to these audio’s in a quiet and  relaxed environment. One that you will not be disturbed. You can listen to any of these audio’s with or without headphones.